Ken LaRoe

Founder, First GREEN Bank

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What is your favorite eco-friendly product that you own and how do you use it?

Cistern that collects 100% of the water we use.

Does your house have any design elements that keep your carbon footprint low? If so, what are they?

Solar PV (photovoltaic system), triple pane Zola windows and doors, R40 spray foam insulation

What are two small things you do around the house to live more sustainably?

Compost and recycle everything. Only produce one can of garbage every 6 weeks.

What kind of car do you drive?


What is your best piece of advice for others who are interested in living a more eco-friendly lifestyle?

Get rid of the gas hog you are most likely driving.

Have you made any diet changes that allow you to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle? If so, what changes have you made?

We don’t eat red meat and eat almost 100% organic.

What is one lifestyle change you’ve made to reduce your carbon footprint?

Installed solar PV on both our homes.

Who do you think is making a big difference in the renewable energy industry that the public should be keeping an eye on?

It’s not Elon Musk! I don’t trust him. It would have to be Deirdre Macnab, former president of the League of Women Voters of Florida.