Jennie Laurent

Viridian Independent Associate & Solar Engineer

Connect with Jennie

What is your favorite eco-friendly product that you own and how do you use it?

We love our ecobee3 smart thermostat which has sensors that make heating and cooling decisions based on our personal preferences to maximize comfort in the rooms we use most which is great because we work from home. Among the highest rated smart thermostats by tech journalists, the ecobee3 lets us easily program and control the temperature in different rooms of our home with much more accuracy. We live in New England where temperatures fluctuate a lot on a daily basis and we want to keep costs low with automation of temperature regulation.

Does your house have any design elements that keep your carbon footprint low? If so, what are they?

Our house is actually an older 3 family rental unit and we live on the bottom floor and it was a renovated commercial property. We invested in our own solar system in 2016 to keep our carbon footprint low and we also invested in Viridian's everyday green electricity program. We are now using 100% solar energy, and what little electricity we do use is up to 50% green and sustainable.

What are two small things you do around the house to live more sustainably?

Brian and I recycle avidly, and we also use only eco friendly dishwasher and laundry detergent. Our diet consists of organic produce and responsibly raised meat products.

What kind of car do you drive?

Lexus HS 250H Hybrid 2010

What is your best piece of advice for others who are interested in living a more eco-friendly lifestyle?

I specialize in educating consumers about eco friendly products for the home, responsible gas, green electricity, affordable solar options for homeowners, as well as a revolutionary new way to travel at an exclusive discount carbon free (carbon neutral) through Viridian's Travel Light program.

Have you made any diet changes that allow you to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle? If so, what changes have you made?

We actually live an organic, all natural lifestyle where we eat organic produce and support local farmers. We only consume meat products that are free range, grass fed, and cage free. We have our own chickens and compost all food scraps and grow our own vegetables and herbs. We do not consume dairy or anything genetically modified.

What is one lifestyle change you’ve made to reduce your carbon footprint?

We travel a lot and we take advantage of the new travel light program which allows us to not only save thousands on bookings, but all of the carbon pollution from our travel is neutralized through carbon offsets by Viridian.

Who do you think is making a big difference in the renewable energy industry that the public should be keeping an eye on?

Travel Light by Viridian is a revolutionary new travel program that is giving expedia and priceline a run for their money. Viridian has been a pioneer in making green energy more affordable for consumers and preventing nearly 8 billion pounds of carbon pollution since 2009. Brian has been a franchise owner since 2015, and I have had my franchise since 2016. Viridian also does global sustainability trips around the world in underprivileged nations, and for each valued customer we have, we light the world for a day in energy poor nations and our goal is to light 1 million homes in 2017. Viridian is partnered with Crius Energy, and collectively they aspire to continue making monumental shifts in renewable energy and making global sustainability more accepted and affordable.